I Like to Travel Light Even my Wallet Isn’t Heavy

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You can have the world on a shoe string budget.

Go forth and see the world! You won’t know what you’ve been missing–stock in smog-city central–till you feel the fine sand under your kitten-heel slippers, see the Mon Lisa up close, or discover the delicate flavor of freshly grilled sawa.
If all that stands between you and a stamp on your passport is the slimness of your purse, don’t assume travelling is for the rich and parentally funded. You can have the world on a (shoe) string budget.

Go Surfing
The Internet is the great place to fish for budget travel ideas and resources. Avoid commercial site advertising “cheap rates,” and dig out personal sites from fellow travel-lovers who often post photos and journal entries. Cost-cutting tips are also just an e-mail away. Most people re more than willing to share their tried-and-tested insider tips on the best days to book a flight or where to get a decent home-cooked meal in the middle of small-town holiday hideaway.

Get Set and Go
When adventure calls, be ready. Keep a list of travel essentials: what clothes, toiletries, and CDs to bring to grab-and-pack emergencies. You can fly for cheap on filler seats for certain airlines, or tag along with friends on spur-of-the-moment road trips. A well-planned tourist trip to Milan has its perks, but the rush of an anything-goes adventure takes the expression “cheap thrills” to a life-changing level!

Buddy Up
Travelling with friend can enrich your experience (and your bank account). Splitting basic expenses like food and lodging means more pocket money for both of you. Bring the whole friends, and take advantage of group rates and promos from airlines and resorts. Plus, you’ll always have someone to take your picture.

Work It
If you really love to travel, why not make a career out of it? What could be better than seeing the world on someone else’s budget–and being paid to do it? Plot your course now: learn ne languages, study different cultures, and find out what jobs offer overseas opportunities and what skills they require.


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