How to build a cage outside for a black and white tegu

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If you are looking for a great habitat for your black and white tegu is to build one outside. The black and white tegu likes the outdoors and likes to borrow and climb. The outdoors is a great place for a tegu to have its habitat. The way to make a cage for the tegu in order for it not to escape is to follow these steps and a list of things you’ll need. The cage is only for adults tegus.

Things you’ll need

Solid metal fencing 8 feet high and 10feet long. 4 sheets

4 wood post 8 feet long


Post hole diggers


Screw gun

Measuring tape


First step is to make your measurements correct. The measurements should be 10 feet by 10 feet square. Also making sure you find a place that is level and near the house.

Next at the end of each corner take the post hole diggers and dig a hole 4 feet down.  Each corner needs this. Place the 8 foot post in each whole. Now

After you do that make a trench for the metal fencing to stick 4 feet out.

The next step is to place one sheet of the 8 foot fencing into the trench and attach it to the poles on the outside. Then attach the metal fencing with the screw gun and screws. When that is done attach the fencing to the other side. Now if you have access metal hanging off the end of the fence cut the rest off. You can now attach the rest of the fencing

Now you need to cover up the fencing along the outside and inside of the outside cage.

Once you do this the outside cage is complete.


The first thing you should do is make sure you have the right spot for your tegu and a proper place for the tegu to hide.

The cage is made for a tegu for it not to climb outside the cage or borrow through the bottom. This means make sure you get fencing that doesn’t have wholes. That will give them the easy way out because they love climbing

This cage is only for adult’s tegu not babies. If you are housing a baby tegu to juvenile I would use a 30 to 50 gallon cage. Depending on how big the tegu is.


Make sure you make sure the screws are not going to be showing to cut the tegu.

Also when it gets cold outside take them inside and also make sure they have heating out there even though its hot outside. You can purchase a wireless temperature gage and humidity gage for keep up with them outside.


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