How to Contact eBay

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Like any corporate giant, eBay does not put much of an importance on customer service. Most of the time, things go off without a glitch. The irritated minority is left with few options for compensation, but if you are extremely brave and predominantly tenacious you can try to contact eBay to have your problems resolved.

Your first question is, without a doubt, “does eBay have a phone number?” The answer is yes, they do. The reasonably motivated can find this number on diverse websites, notably the Get Human 500 Database (where it has a grade of F for customer satisfaction). You can call eBay if you really, really want to.

However, bear in mind that the people staffing the call center, by the permission of a former employee, have very little information and almost no power. If you are having a problem, they likely cannot help you, and yelling at them will not change eBay’s policies. Reaching a real live human may sound engaging until you realize there is nothing these scrupulous humans can do to help you.

Stick with the customary methods. On eBay’s home page, in the upper right hand corner, you will see a “Live Help” option. This leads to your classic website chat, which stays mostly on a script, but at least has a real person behind it. If you get an uncaring agent, just disconnect and try again until somebody helps you.

Email is another alternative; on the bottom of the Contacting Customer Support page, you will see a link to the Contact Us page. Use this form to send an email to customer support.

Before contacting eBay, make sure to have all relevant information handy: usernames, dates, auction numbers, et cetera. Include all of this in any emails you send to speed up the process. Few people have booming success stories with eBay support, but stick to your arms and you might get what you need.


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