How to Install a playstation 2 CD Drive laser

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If you are having problem with a Playstation 2 that has a disc error and you tried cleaning the laser lens and adjusting the laser by moving the adjustment. Then you should know that you will need another Playstation 2 laser or CD drive, which getting another CD drive with a laser in it already is easier. You can buy the CD drive from EBay for a cheap price. When it comes to picking the right CD drive for your Playstation 2 you will need your model number off the back of the Playstation 2. After you do that find another Playstation 2 or CD drive that is same that model number. Here are some things you will need to have to complete this task.

Things you’ll need

·         Phillips screw driver

·         The replacement CD DRIVE (make sure you get your same model number)


The first step is to take the playstation 2 apart. First off there are total of 10 screws that need taken apart on the bottom of the playstation 2

Take those all off and flip the system over. Take the top part of the system off slowly to make sure you don’t break the on and off switch.

After that you will see the CD drive. The CD drive has for main screws on each corner of the CD drive. After you do that take the CD drive up slowly, This needs to be slowly because there are blue ribbons that are hooked to the CD drive.

Next depending on the model number you will have 2 or 3 ribbons on the CD tray make sure you don’t break those. Take those off by unclipping them and safely take the CD drive out.

Now that you did that you can keep that in case you just want to change just the laser out instead because the CD drive is still good just the laser isn’t. Unless the CD drive does spin.

After you took that out you should start placing the other one on. This part can be difficult being that you have to put the ribbons back on how they once were and you have little space to do so. After you do that put the CD drive in with the screws and put it back together. After that is done you should see if it turns on and the disc tray ejects.

After this you should be able to play the games you want once again.


If you are looking for my answers here is my webpage where I can talk to you a step by step way of doing this grim task.


The first thing to remember is when opening a electronic equipment there can be a electronic shock you.

Also know that opening the Playstation 2 with a warranty voids the it.


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