Playstation 2 disc error repair

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Playstation 2 disc error repair


The playstation 2 is very fun, but what happens when there is a disc read error? The disc read error is easy to fix. If you are looking to fix your playstation 2 when it has a disc read error, then this article is for you. To fix this playstation 2 disc read error, you can count on spending 10-30 minutes on it – depending on the problem we are faced with.

Things you’ll need

·         Phillips screw  driver

·         Smaller computer size Phillips screw driver

·         Rubbing alcohol

·         Black marker

·         Can of air or compressor

·         Lens cloth for glasses


1.       The first part is to take the playstation 2 apart, which means turning over the playstation 2 and taking the screws off the bottom of the gaming system. There are 10 screws that are visible and 6 screws are hidden under plastic and rubber protectors.

 2.       Now flip over the playstation 2, make it to the upright position so the top can come off. Before taking the top off make sure you do it slowly and make sure  you don’t pull the on and off button strip off – You will have to keep that to the side because it’s hooked to the CD drive.

3.       Next, you will see the CD drive and 4 small screws. Those 4 screws that are located on the cd drive are easy to take out with the small Phillips screw driver that you can get in a computer section of a store or hardware.

4.       After you do that next is to take that cover off the CD drive so it will be showing the laser and the adjuster.

5.       Now it’s time to take the compressed air or can air and clean out the lens area. Spraying the whole system out will help the system stay clean.

6.       The next thing to do is to take a little bit of rubbing alcohol and dab it on the lens cloth. After that wipe the lens down softy to make sure you don’t scratch the eye.

7.       After that the lens should be fixed. To check you should place the game on the disc tray and put the cover back on so the game will read. Check to see if it gets rid of the disc error. If there isn’t then put the system back together the way it was.

8.       This step is for those that it didn’t work. The next thing to do is to adjust the laser. First off it’s the white gear that’s behind the laser and it’s easy to get too. Mark your spot you are at with a marker.

9.       After you marked your spot make sure you check each time you turn the gear. Doesn’t matter which way as long as you have the original spot. You can move the gear each time and then place game in. Then put the cover on to see if it plays the game without disc error.  Also this will apply to a playstation 2 that doesn’t read every type of disc.

10.   Now if that works that’s good. If not then you should replace the laser or CD drive. You can read how to install one in my other articles.

Tips and warnings

·         Watch out for electronic equipment they still have shock after being unplugged.

·         If you have any questions on how to fix Playstation 2 systems or any other gaming systems, then you can go to this blog

·         You can mess your playstation 2 if you don’t read the steps correctly.

·         Always making sure you are safe with the playstation 2 open and plugged in when checking if the disc error is fixed.


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