Makeover: Your Soul

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There’s powder for your face, gloss for your lips and blush for your cheeks. It’s the traditional way to glow. But here are some tips to keep you glowing inside as well as out.

Master the art of self discovery
They say that we learn something new everyday. It’s even better if one of those things that you learn is about yourself. So step out of your comfort zone and discover what you can do! Embrace a new hobby, pick up a new language, or do something out of the ordinary. If life is buffet, taste every platter!

We fall to recognize the things we can do only because we’ve never had the courage to try it. You might end up discovering passions you never knew existed, or talents you never knew you had. The more you learn about yourself, the freer you are truly be you.

Share your shade with someone else
Cherish your relationships with your family and friends. When life turns cruel, they ill be the ones to hand you tissue when you’re crying a river; or buy you gallons of ice cream when you are mending a broken heart. Strengthen your bond by buying chocolates for your girl friends, or cooking dinner for your mom. Knowing that you appreciate them makes them even happier to be around you.

Taking you kindness one step higher, you might also want to consider giving some of your things to the less fortunate. You can discover how blessed you are, while helping other people live more comfortable lives.

Calm the seas
Every day, good and bad things happen to us. At the end of the day, our minds may feel like a stormy sea, with waves and waves of thoughts and confusion. Try quieting your mind by sitting still and reflecting. If you can’t handle everything that’s going on, write it all down instead. By analyzing what happens in your life, you come to certain realizations about yourself. You may realize that you need to put more effort into school if you want to get into a good college. Or maybe you realize that you have start saving money if you want to buy that new pair sneaks. From the more complicated, to the less serious matters, you’ll find many more solutions by pouring everything out. It’s like the saying goes, “When the pond is still, the reflection is clear. When the mind is still, the reflection of life is clear.”

Watch the rainbow
Be inspired! You never know what your life can be until you imagine what more it can become. Feel like you’ve stuck in a rut? Surround yourself with beautiful things. It can be serene picture of a beach, n art print of your favorite expressionist, or a quote from a person who you look up too. Being surrounded by beautiful reminders makes you want to accomplish those things s well.

Also, talking to more motivated people will convince you to make your dreams happen. These are the people who make the most of what they have, using all their talents and skills, knowing their own potential. And most of all, they believe it can happen.

Once you discover this too, your soul will be as colorful as the bow in the sky.

Start your journey
Now that you know what to do, start now and makeover that soul! What you’ll find within yourself is your own personal happiness. No doubt about it, when you feel accomplished, inspired and motivated. You glow.


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