15 Signs That He’s A Bad Catch

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Something smells fishy in the relationship when your guy starts exhibiting these signs.

If you’re already thinking, “How can I tell if my boyfriend’s a bad catch?” then you’re on the right page. That’s why I came up with this lovely list! The top four are obvious, but we all need to be reminded of them.

1. He hurts you physically. Duh!? Obviously, there’s only one answer to this problem-get out of the relationship! And don’t make excuses for him.

2. He hurts you verbally. Respect is very important in a relationship, so if your guy hurts you even with his words (calling you names or putting you down), he doesn’t deserve you!

3. He’s on drugs. Any drug, whether the “big bad stuff” or small stuff, is not acceptable! Experimenting with harmful substances like drugs can lead to a dangerous lifestyle. You don’t want to find your self in the middle of all that. You want to be with someone who’s responsible with his health and his life. That way, you know that you’ll be safe with him.

4. He frightens or intimidates you in any way. If you don’t feel safe with him, that’s not good sign. Even if he’s never actually hit you but you get the feeling that he could, end the relationship.
Those four are the source of major stink! They are sure signs that you need to get out of the relationship pronto! But believe me, those signs are by far not the only things to watch out for. The rest of the list is just as important. Remember, if your guy fits the bill on any of these signs, do some serious thinking bout your relationship.

5. He doesn’t work or go to school when he has the means to do so. I’m talking about someone who’s L-A-Z-Y. It’s very hard to respect someone who doesn’t do anything but sit around all day. You don’t want to end up with a bum!

6. He isolates you from friends and family, wants you all to himself. While that might seem romantic at the beginning, it’s not a healthy sign! It means he doesn’t want you to be yourself. Keep your head out of the clouds!

7. He doesn’t put you near to the top of his priority list-he won’t make time to be with you, call you or text you. What’s the point of even being together if you never get to see each other? You’ve got to know that you are important to him. (Just make sure you’re also not being unreasonable. Asking him to pick you up everyday after class or work, when he has to study for an exam/office report, basketball practice or he has some other commitment is unreasonable. Keep in mind that you both have other lives outside the relationship.)

8. He forces you to do things that you don’t want to do. Especially in the area of physical intimacy. He should never force you to do anything against your will. Learn this important word-NO! And when you say no, it means no!

9. He badmouths you, either by putting you down in front of others, or talking about you in an insulting way behind your back. Don’t let yourself be his doormat! Never trust a guy who’s like that. He ought to be proud of you! You’re his girlfriend for crying out loud! Usually, guys behave this way are insecure-that’s why he keeps putting you down, to make himself look better in front of others!

10. He tries to keep you relationship a secret from friends or family. If he wants to hide the fact that you’re together, find out WHY. Keeping a relationship hidden is a hard thing to do, and you don’t want to walk around feeling guilty. Why doesn’t he want anybody to know about you anyway? Is he ashamed of you or your relationship? That’s a bad sign and you sure don’t deserve that!

11. He only talks to you on a surface level and doesn’t have any deep or heart-to-heart conversations with you. I know that may seem old-fashioned, but you should be with someone you can talk to about anything and bare your heart to. The root word of relationship is relate, after all. You get my drift?

12. He gets unreasonably jealous or paranoid about whom you’re texting, who’s sitting next to you, or who your friends are. I understand that guys should be protective of their girlfriends, but you’ve got to be with someone who trusts you. Do your part, be faithful, but if he’s unreasonable and thinks that every guy friends of yours likes you, you’ve got to do something that chokes you! Plus, who wants to spend all her time assuring someone who just won’t be assured?!

13. He has a chip on his shoulder bigger than the island of Palawan. It’s hard to be with someone who always takes things so personally and gets pikon too easily. Help him out as much as you can, and we hope he learns to relax!

14. He’s a war freak, wants to pick fights with anyone, any time, any place-even you. It’s a waste of time! If he wants to fight you over every small thing, you’ll just end up tired and irritated at him all the time. And what kind of relationship is that?

15. He says that he’s not good enough for you. If this is his favorite line, start thinking… if you’re in a relationship with someone, you should both know your worth. Yes, sometimes we all need reassurance, but if e constantly keeps thinking that he’s not good enough to be with you, you’ll never be happy!

If you want to have satisfying relationship that turns you into a better person, take my advice. Read this list again. Memorize it if you have to. Better yet, add your own signs. This is supposed to turn you into someone with the skill to smell a bad catch and avoid it. Be smart. Don’t go into any relationship starry-eyed just because you’re so excited to finally be with someone. Keep your eyes open and keep your wits about you. If your boyfriend shows some of the signs listed above, talk to him seriously so he know that you mean it. Don’t just dump him on the spot and with no explanation whatsoever. Tell him that you see and what you don’t like about the way he treats you. After that is his chance to change his bad habits. If he doesn’t get better and you’ve done your part… well, as difficult as it may be you have to let him go.


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