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I’m no expert on this but If you are struggling to make your house payment. There could be something you can do. Call your mortgage company & ask if you can re-negotiate ,or modify your loan to get a lower interest rated.

If your just at the point where money is tight because you had a unexpected bill that drained your bank account, Again call your mortgage company & see if you can defer a payment & ask if you can do this with out any penalties.
What ever you do , don’t just miss a payment without contacting the mortgage company. They have staff that is there to help you & most of the time they are friendly & want to help you keep your house. 

The thing is, the mortgage company or bank DOES NOT want your house , They are dealing with so many people going under that some will do almost anything to keep you in your home & keep the money coming in. If they take your house it will just go onto a list of other houses they have that they have foreclosed on or they will have to sell it out at a loss.
I recently did this & I started the process to modify my loan. i was able to skip a payment & the loan company is in the process of seeing what can be done. I might get a lower interest rate. . My payment might go up just a little bit or it might come down. That will have to wait till they do all the paperwork. BUT the important thing is I’m still in my house


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