How to beat the winter woes

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Dress warm to enjoy the cold weather.Better eat and drink warm but donot overload your system with hot beverages.Try to restrict hot teas and coffees to managable limit.Add lemon instead of milk.It is rich in antioxidants and provide relief from fatulence.Try jaggery for sour throat and cough.Increase protein consumption to produce heat in the body.Your plate must have egg and meat,millets,fish and pulses.Spice up your food.They give protection against cold and cough.Ginger,turmeric,cinnamon,nutmeg add flavour as well as medicinal power to your food. Eat lot of dry fruits.Cashewnuts,raisins,almonds and walnuts give energy to the body without adding extra calories.

To avoid swellings on fingers and toes ,wear gloves and socks.Exercise daily to improve blood circulation.Donot consume too much alcohol.Avoid going out in cold while consuming alcohol as it dilate the arteries and they shrink leading to congestion and lung problems.

To get rid of frostbite soak the affected area in warm water and keep it covered.

To avoid flu which have symtoms like fever,headache,bodyache,running nose and upper respiratory track infection ,eat healthy and exercise.Tune up your immune system.Take Vitamin C daily in form of fruits rich in Vit C.

Those suffering from high BP and diabetes start taking care of your health as you are at higher risk of heart and brain stroke during winter.Start exercising and avoid too much exposure to cold.

For a shiny hair in winter wash your hair atleast twice a week and always with lukewarm water.


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