Mad at Santa

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Hello I just wanted to tell you that I got some sad news. Santa said I can’t Fly this made me very sad. I emaild santa a few days befor christmas eve and told him I could fly and that I wanted to help deliver the toys to all the kids. Well santa never came and I got a email back from santa today that said I am sorry I din’t come but you can’t fly inless your under elf supervision and all the elf’s got the flu. He also said not to be telling people that you can fly because they might want you to show them then you will ened up hurting yourself. This made me sad beacuse I really belived I could fly then I was thinking in the song I belive I can fly by R. Kelly he said that he could touch the sky so I told santa about this and he said he was high when he wrote the song well I was thinking if he was high he would be touching the sky right? This made me confused so I emailed Rudolph  and he said that santa was a lie and he said that santa can’t fly this is a big disappointment  for me and has changed my life in a big way and now all my dreams are shattered and thats why I am mad at santa. Hopefully nothing bad happens to you  over the holidays and don’t let santa bring you down.

If you have read all of this then you must really care and are a true friened and if you din’t read all of this happy holdays anyways. Love Renae


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