A Single Mothers Cofessions

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A Single Moms Confession

Why is it that the females are the ones always being left behind? I have a 15 month old daughter who can capture the heart of anyone and yet her father seems to have abandoned her. No phone calls, no visits, no letters in the mail that even acknowledge the fact that he loves her. Similar to what they do on the other side of the world. They give baby girls away because they can’t carry the family name. I was abandoned by my own father and I promised myself that I would never let that happen to my own children and no matter how hard I try it seem to happen anyway. And when her dad is suppose to come see her and I don’t get a phone call or anything, tears want to fill my eyes because I know that I’ve failed her. I didn’t not choose the best dad for her that I could of and that breaks my heart because she didn’t chose him I did.
So how am I to mend her broken heart when she realizes what is going on? What am I suppose to tell her when she ask, why is my father not here taking of me or where is my daddy at? Just thinking about this makes me angry at myself and makes me want to cry. How do I make someone love someone else so that no one gets hurt in the process? How do I boost my self esteem so that I’m not hard on myself and make myself believe that it is not my fault when I know that particially it is? How do I make Mike see that abandoning his daughter is the worst thing he could ever possibly do.


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