How to Give a Full Body Massage

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Things You’ll Need:

  • hands

  • oil or lotion

  • muscles

  • maby candles

Step1 Put yourself at your partners head with them laying on their belly and arms by their sides. Now that they are comfortable. As COMFORTABLE As POSSIBLE!! ((Key to good massage– Comfort)) Starting on their upper back, glide hands slowly down either side of the spine, ((ohh yea))  back up the sides of the body, ((keep those thoughts to yourself honey)) and lightly over the shoulders. ((Muscular Madness)) Yum Yum… Thumbs on each side of spine with LITTLE pressure. When next to SPINE Use little Pressure It MAY HURT or be UNcomfortable if you use to much!!
Step2 Using both hands, starting at the bottom of the neck, make firm strokes outward along the shoulder and off at the top of the arm. Press thumbs in firmly at middle of neck and go in small circles. This si the BEST PART!! SOOO Relaxing!! OHH BABY Give it too me!!
Step3 Use the thumbs to work into the muscles at the base of the neck. ((Use them Girl… Use them)) Pay attention to any knots ((Ouch)) or areas of tightness ((SWOLE)) that you find here Inspector Gadget.. working firmly and slowly into the muscles, making tiny circles. Slow Slower Slower… Make is sensual… OR LoveABLE… UnBELIEVEable!!

Tips & Warnings

  • spice up atmosphere with candles… Sexy Yeah Baby Yeah!!

  • avoid rough or sudden movements as you move to the different areas of the body((Not good))

  • avoid sudden movements that might be irritating to someone in a relaxed state of mind. Irritating!!

  • only use pressure when needed… Firm on Neck–Soft on Spine!!

  • to much pressure will be uncomfortable for partner ((Again Not GOOD))

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