How to Add Portable Apps to Your Netbook

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Netbooks have become a personal fascination to me. I’m always interested in new ways to explore and expand this platform. Max it out, so to speak. One way to max out your netbook is through software, particularly open source software. I’ll share with you my choice of netbook and some of the software choices that I’ve made.

Since its introduction, I’ve been a follower of the Acer Aspire One. It is the best value out of all the netbooks, has great portability, and is pretty powerful for the price. I’ve done the following to expand upon the Aspire One’s offerings.

I made sure to buy a 8 GB SD-card to give me a lot of external storage but also for a place to store my portable apps. Whenever and wherever possible, it is best, at least on netbooks, to keep programs from running on the hard drive. Portable apps are the best solution. Basically they are open-source programs like Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Opera, OpenOffice, ClamAV,etc. that run off your flash drive or SD-card. I use these whenever possible, so as to free up as much space on the actual netbook as possible.

Likewise, buy another 16 GB SD-card to store your media files on. One sure way to hose up the system to have too many media files stored on it.

Anyways, the best solution, like I said, is to store you apps externally. Run them off that device.


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