How to Maintain A Vendor Relationship

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Unlike being the person giving your services, the vendor is giving their services to you. This means that the vendor, to a certain extent, is at your mercy and whim. However, it is unwise to approach vendor relationship this black-and-white. You have to finesse and stroke the vendor. Here’s how to do it:

Usually after asking for something difficult like getting my product produced in the next twenty-four hours, etc. you have to show good will to the vendor. For example, give them something easy to handle for the next couple of runs. You can’t always expect them to stop what they are doing to get you product right away. If you treat them well 80% of the time, you have bargaining power and will be able to get what you want.

Vendors get slighted whenever you mention competitors to them. If you are looking into alternative vendors, never let your current vendor know that. You can only imagine the repercussions.

Remember that vendors are also in business to make money. Low balling your quotes and expecting something for nothing is a bad way to maintain the relationship.

I also advise becoming friends with your vendors. Chummy if you will. If you don’t treat all of your communications seriously and have a little fun, they might become inflexible with you. Keep them loose and you’ll get what you want.

Some vendors are bad vendors and need to be eliminated. Just follow Step 2 and your transition will go well. The less they know, the better.


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