What is a White Food?

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You hear about a lot of diets that claim white foods are bad for your weight loss and overall body health. But, what are white foods? A white food is a generic term used for foods that are created by the hand of man.

The most common white foods are white sugar and white flour. Natural sugar and natural flour are not white. Man processes these items and they end up white and on the shelves of the retail store. If any shopper has ever looked at the front of a flour bag and read, “bleached flour” they understand the process of making natural foods white. The bleach is what is used to make the flour turn out that stark color so many people have come to correlate with baking. In all reality, flour is brown or a light tan because it comes from wheat and wheat is not white. The definition of a white food reaches far beyond the flour and sugar on the shelves. The flour used to create pasta and breads is often bleached before it is processed into these other food products.

What are the Alternatives?

The alternative to white products is whole grains. Nearly everyone hears about the health benefits of whole grains but rarely think about the opposite end of the spectrum. The reason that whole grains are so healthy is not because some health nut claimed it to be so; it is because the products are created from natural ingredients that are healthier for the body.


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