Meditation vs. Medication

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The Indians are known to be practising Yoga since ancient is in here that Yoga is associated with spritual healing power if performed continuosly.its gaining international attention now. Here the text does not aim to be comprehensive rather it opens a window to a world never thought of………..

“Every fibre of my being speaks of yoga” if thats what you would like to be then read this article

PRANAYAMA ( Life force)

A regular practice of this mudra will sure purify your innerself,revive you and your mind will become sharp.The prana( breath) will become more lighter as you may have not experienced earlier.although it can be performed at anytime on empty stomatch but early morning is the perfect time for this.

Pranayama has three stages 

 Prana means life and ayama means control in Sanskrit. Hence Pranayama (yoga breathing) became the root for all asanas and chakras.
There are three main stages in yoga breathing; inhalation (puraka), exhalation (rechaka) and retention of breath (kumbhaka). The proportion of inhalation, retention and exhalation should be in the ratio of 1:4:2. That means if we inhale for a second hold the breath for 4 seconds and exhale it within 2 seconds.practice these by sitting erect on a mat
Concentrate on breathing
Keep the palms on knees in gyan mudra (mudra of knowledge)
Concentrate on the breathing for a minute
Give a gap of 10 – 20 seconds
Repeat this process for 5 minutes
It enhances the efficiency of nervous system
It relieves stress and hypertension
Bee breathing
Inhale slowly and thoroughly through the nose
Let the inhalation touch the throat
Now close your eyes
Gently plug the ears with the respective index fingers
Exhale slowly producing a long and humming sound
It increases the efficiency of vocal cards
It increases the efficiency of lungs and heart
It is very much beneficial for pregnant women
Teeth pressing
Press the sides of the tongue against the teeth
Close your lips and draw the air thoroughly as if you are sipping air
It cools the nervous system and total body
It regulates blood pressure
Vigorous breathing
Close the right nostril with right thumb
Exhale through left nostril and immediately inhale forcibly
Close the left nostril with right ring finger and exhale through the right nostril
Repeat this process vice versa
Repeat the total process increasing the speed of the inhalation and exhalation
Contract and expand the abdominal muscles while inhalation and exhalation
Slowly return to initial speed after you did as much as you can
It tones the abdominal structure
It improves the function of digestive system
It relieves you from allergies
Cleansing breathe
Exhale through both nostrils while contracting lower and middle abdominal regions
Slowly inhale without releasing the contractions
Release the contractions with another forcible exhalation
Now inhale passively without effort
Increase the duration of inhalation
Take a deep breath and now exhale
It improves abdominal function
It enhances the efficiency of the brain
It fights against diabetes, allergies, asthma and bronchitis
Tongue breathing
Keep the palms on your knees in gyan mudra
Draw out the tongue
Roll it up from the sides to form a tube like structure
Slowly inhale through it and fill the lungs
Withdraw the tongue and close the mouth after full inhalation
Hold the breath for some time
Now exhale slowly through the nostrils
It cools body by reducing tension
It reduces high blood pressure and purifies blood
Alternate nostril breathing
Close your right nostril with thumb
Inhale through left nostrilClose the left nostril with ring finger
Hold the breath for a second
Now exhale the air with right nostril
Repeat this process vice versa
It increases the efficiency of respiratory tract
People with nasal allergies, cold and cough will get benefit from it
In reduces anxiety and worries

I am of belief that if performed religiously you will never go to doctor in your life.


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