How to Ease And Treat a Baby With Colic

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colic-main_Thumb.jpg Colic

Things You’ll Need:

  • LOTS and LOTS of patience
  • a supporting partner, family member, or friend
  • of course the screaming baby
  • oh and did I mention patience

Advisable Tips:

  1. sling_Thumb.jpgSling Carry your baby in a front sling or back pack. Being close to you, your smell, and the constant swaying motion of you walking can be very relaxing to your baby.
  2. swing_Thumb.jpg Swing Keep your baby moving in a baby swing. With the variety of motions that swings have today, you don’t have to worry about you baby becoming bored with the same old back and forth motion. They also come equipped with vibration, light & sounds, and calming music that are all soothing for your baby.
  3. Step3
    dryer_Thumb.jpgSoothing Dryer Sounds Try to soothe your baby with continuous noise or vibrations from household appliances like the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or washer-dryer. My husband use to just set our son directly on they, of course NEVER leave our baby unattended when doing that one.

  4. cr_Thumb.jpgCar Ride CD Take your baby for a car ride or a walk outside in their stroller. All babies love the feel of the bumpy road. Almost all babies fall for the car ride trick. Pop in a car ride lullaby CD to speed things up. When family and friends ask what they can do to help you out with your baby tell them to donate a gas card to you especially for those car rides.
  5. Give your baby a pacifier to suck on. I like to put honey or caramel syrup on my baby’s pacifier.

  6. bb_Thumb.jpg  Bathe your baby – the warm water may be comforting. Try putting some lavender or eucalyptus oil drops in their bath water. The warmth and aroma from the oils can be quite therapeutic for your baby. Who cares if you already gave your baby a bath earlier, if bathing calms them down then do it again.
  7. bbym_Thumb.jpgMassage Baby Aroma therapy and tummy massage using lavender oil may help relieve the symptoms of colic. Always ask the advice of a qualified practitioner as some herbal remedies can be harmful to babies.

Tips & Warnings

  • Caring for a baby with colic can be very stressful, frustrating and challenging for any parent or carer, particularly if it’s your first child. If you feel overwhelmed, you should take a break if at all possible. Ask a partner or friend to take over for a while, even for just an hour or two.
  • NEVER let yourself get so frustrating that you feel you might hurt or shake your baby. If you fell yourself getting to this point just lay your baby in the crib, walk away, and let them cry alone.

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