How To Make A Great First Impression

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1. Be on time. Plan to arrive a few minutes early. The person you are meeting doesn’t care about a feeble excuse of not being able to find the place or being hung up in traffic. It just doesn’t matter to them and they may have scheduled other meetings in short intervals. You are shortening your own time and only hurting yourself. Impress others as you would like to be impressed.

2. Be yourself. If you are feeling nervous or on edge try some relaxation techniques. Meditation . Be confident and open. Nervous habits and sweating do not help make a good impression. And if you are going to use a sense of humor be sure these things are appropriate for the situation. Dirty jokes at a job interview is not impressive at all.

3. Let him or her speak. Ask open-ended questions, listen, and be sincere in your response. Enjoy the stories of others without always using them as a springboard for your own. It is never a good idea to talk too much. Conversations are verbal give and take. Be sure you have turned your cell phone off and are giving them your full and utter attention.

4. Mirror his or her mood. It may sound fickle, but reflecting the volume, pacing, and emotion of your new friend brings immediate rapport. Speak clearly and be sure to use proper grammar and enunciation.

5. Don’t gossip. It may seem tempting, but resist the urge. Don’t talk about your family or personal things too much. And don’t ramble. This can make you look ditsy and you need to be pushing your better qualities.

6. If this is a job interview do not say derogatory things about past employers. Do not tell secretive things about other companies. Your perspective employer may think you would talk the same way about them.

7. Dress to impress. If this is a job interview dress modestly and appropriately. Make sure what you wear is clean and fits well. If you look sloppy it could make people think your work if sloppy as well. If this is a date wear a color you know looks good on you. Go to your favorite salon for makeup and use bronzer and even some tanning lotion for a little added color.

8. Remember that men are visual creatures and with women the lasting impression is how you made them feel. Extenuate your best features. Smile sweetly, listen intently, wear a good bra and be sure not to drink too much. Do not show too much cleavage and never wear too much perfume.

Tip: A first impression cannot be taken back. Think over the scenario in your head ahead of time. Think about what you want to project.



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