How to Make Great Banana Pudding

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Mmmm! Banana Pudding one the most loved of desserts. Simple & quick may be some of the reasons why it is a National favorite but taste has to be the #1! If you’re like me then you have had your fair share of many Banana Puddings. To be honest I have never tasted one I didn’t like. But if you liked those versions your going to love this one! So let’s get started.

Section 1 The Pudding – This step is pretty standard just follow the instructions on the Pudding package panel. They are as follows: Simply combine 2 cups milk & pudding mix and stir with a wire whiskmag-glass_10x10.gif or large spoon for about 2 minutes. Quick Note – Remember that’s 2 cups of milk per package. Next let chill for about 10 minutes. Once complete remove from frig. Now add 2 large spoons of Cool Whip, Add 1 tsp of Cinnamon & mix together. Next place back in frig to continue chilling.

Section 2 The Crust – Take about 2 to 3 large spoons of Cool Whip & spread on to bottom of Pan making sure to spread it evenly. Next one by one place Nabisco Vanilla Wafers as shown in the picture, side by side & row after row & let chill.

Section 3 Bananas & Wafers – Take 2 to 3 bananas peal & slice. Take sliced bananas & cut in half & place aside. Wafers – Place 2 cups or 2 hand full of wafers & place into zip lock bag. Next break but do Not crush. Now take some wafers place in a separate zip lock bag. Add 1 tsp Cinnamon & crush/ground as fine as possible.

Section 4 Mix & Pour – Remove pudding from frig & pour in cut bananas & broken wafers & mix thoroughly. Next remove serving Pan from frig & pour pudding into it. Spread pudding evenly & then sprinkle crushed/grounded wafers over entire top of pudding.

Section 5 Creative Dressing – The pudding is basically complete. All that’s left is your personal touch. That’s why this section is for you! Take your wafers, whip creammag-glass_10x10.gif, bananas & whatever else to decorate your pudding with patterns & your unque touches. Have Fun!


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