How to Use Ezine Articles to Promote Your Bukisa Content

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You have content on Bukisa and you want to increase your overall page views and the money you earn on Bukisa right? Ezine Articles has the traffic you are looking for and all you need to do is write more articles to increase your income.

Step 1: Write an article on articles. The key to promoting with Ezine Articles is to write an article about great content. You are going to use your main profile page as the link in the resource box on Ezine Articles and that means you will be linking to all your articles and not just one in the beginning. The best way to do this is to focus on the webmaster and the online marketer with your Ezine Articles submission. The article will need to mention only the best reasons to find great, FREE, content online. Once the article is written (remember it only has to be 250 Words) you will be ready to submit.

Step 2: Submit the article to Ezine Articles. Now you are ready to submit the article. Unless you already have an Ezine Articles account you will have to create one. The name will need to match your name on Bukisa in order to keep things even. Then, after your account is ready, submit the article you have written with the webmaster or online marketer in mind. In the resource box use anchor text to link your Bukisa profile to the article published on Ezine Articles.

Step 2a: Writing the anchor text. Some people do not know how to write anchor text. Here is the HTML code you will need to use HTML Anchor Text Code (click the link to see the code).

Replace the “anchor text” with the word you wish to appeared link and the “yourusername” with your Bukisa user name.

Step 3: Wait for publishing. The Ezine Articles website normally takes 7 to 10 business days to publish an article unless you have a platinum account. The Platinum accounts take only 2 business days to publish an article. Once the article is published you can update the resource box whenever you like and you can watch how many times the URLs were clicked in your resource box on the Ezine Articles website.

Some people may say this is a round about way to promote. Ezine Articles does not offer money for the articles on the site, but they do offer some of the highest traffic on the Internet. You can use that tool to boost your bukisa numbers and the money you take home at the end of the month.


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