How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

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Things You’ll Need:

  • patience
  • bells
  • bubble wrap
  • fluffy blanket or cushion
  • water bottle

Lets Get Started:

  1. hightree_Thumb.jpg   Keep Things High– Try putting your christmas treemag-glass_10x10.gif at a slight elevation and put all your most expensive ornaments up high. The higher and less easy it is to access your tree, the less interested your cat will be in trying to go through the trouble in destroying it.
  2. treebells_Thumb.jpg  Try Noise Makers–Try attaching bells to the bottom of your tree so whenever Kitty goes to mess with it you will hear him and know when he’s there to shout out “NO!” (note you might want to take these down when you’re not home because though their perfect buglary alarms for you, they’re also perfect toys for him.) You can also try coloring some bubble wrap to blend in with the bottom of your tree and place it there. When Kitty steps on it to go towards the tree…POP!
  3. ohooks_Thumb.jpg  Secure Your Tree–Secure your tree buy using the metal bendable hooks to attach your ornaments securely to your tree. You can also try attaching a string from the top of your tree to your ceiling so that it can not be easliy tipped over.
  4. ctbytree_Thumb.jpg Cozy Things Up–If you have a older less active cat, like one of mine, you may just need to provide a close cozy environment for him. This way you kitty can be close, but not to close, to admire your christmas tree without touching it.
  5. catdet_Thumb.jpg(Automated Cat Deterrent) Splish Splash–Whenever you’re at home and you hear Kitty going to mess wiht your tree, spray him with a little water. A few times of this treatment shouild get your message across. You can also invest with a automatic cat sprayer, which is sold at most pet department stores. This device sprays Kitty whenever they get to close to it. Set it in a nice spot under your tree.





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