How to Lose 5 Pounds This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is all about eating sweets and treats. Many of us find we are so overfull with these sugary delights by the end of the holiday season that we haved packed on the pounds and cannot remember where all the calories came from. This season, you can lose 5 pounds and still eat all the sugary sweets you want without feeling like hiberating for the next 5 years.

Choosing the Right Sweets

There are holiday sweets and then there are sweets made from table sugar and not much else. One of the biggest offenders is Pecan Pie. One slice of this delightful creation can pack in excess of 1000 calories. This season add a second slice of pumpkin or an extra scoop of ice cream to your dessert plate and skip those extra 1000 calories.

Another place where hidden calories often lie are in mashed potatoes. For some reason mashed potatoes whipped with lower fat butter and 2% milk is fine for the entire year until the month of December hits the calender. Instead of switching the old faithfuls for cream and real butter, stick with what you normally use. If you normally use cream and butter, you probably won’t have to worry about gaining weight.


After nearly every holiday meal the entire family falls out and watches some form of television. Not this year, my friend. The time has come to add a new tradition and that tradition is outdoor activity after the big meal. The activity can be a walk or a game of football. It does not matter as long as the entire family gets out there and laughs away those unwanted calories.

Breakfast Treats and Snacks

The majority of family get togethers will include a breakfast of some sort. These breakfasts could hardly qualify as a meal when they are full of 300 calorie bagels and donuts your thighs just love to hold on to. Skip the breakfast desserts this year. Instead, opt for a smaller whole grain bagel with a bit of cream cheese and some sweetner. Your body will be happy you skipped the sugar for breakfast.

All those extra pounds are during the holidays are extra calories. Instead of sitting back and accepting that you are going to gain weight why not act the same way you do every other day of the year and make great choices. It is not as hard as you may think.


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