If he is Unfaithful…Part 5

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When a man is unfaithful unless there is
some outside reason, appreciate that this
is how he is.

By Outside reason I indicate those actions
where the adultery is a reaction.

The wife who throws her husband out, and
he’s taken home by someone else. Or that
the wife goes away for an extended period.

Whatever it is that allows him to say;
“If you didn’t……I wouldn’t have…”
about something that makes sense to
a passing stranger.

In these cases you can virtually ‘ignore’
the adultery, if he truly wants to be with
you, and you really want to stay with him.

In all other cases, it is more than likely
he will be unfaithful whenever he gets the

Many men engage in numerous pointless affairs
throughout their lives. The female means
nothing, she is just alive. There is no love
or emotional commitment, she’s just available.

Many men put themselves into a pre-adultery
life style, so that when the chance comes
along, they will take it.

If it wasn’t this female, it will be that
one. Hence, once a man starts to go out
at night, or gets deeply into social networks
on the Internet, it is only a matter of time.

For you to become the ‘Policewoman’ and
search his computer, and check up on him
makes you a pathetic fool.

Sure, if you want to take a glance at his
computer when he’s out, but not ever reveal
what you have found, okay.

Sure, if you want to drive by a particular
place to see if his car is there, and keep
it to yourself…fine.

But to confront him? To make him seem so
essential to your life that you would stop
what you are doing to run behind him?

Where is your self respect?

Unless you married him for his money and it is
his money you are fighting over, then why are
you making a fool of yourself over a man who
will betray you, and betray whomever comes
after you until no one wants him?

Too many women think if they get rid of
Slutina everything will be fine.

Until he begins an affair with Coquette.

If you don’t care, or if you are having your
own affair, fine. Stay with him. He’ll go and
comeback and go and comeback, and will be no
more jarring than that Tom Cat who is
occasionally around begging food.

As long as you really don’t care.


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