Pocket Money, Please

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If you’re a teen, you can make extra cash for the holidays or extra work experience for your future career.

If you can never seem to stretch your weekly allowance till Saturday, perhaps it’s time for a new battle plan. Instead of stretching your money, why not earn extra cash and learn while you’re at it? However, if you’ve cleaned your closet and nothing left to sell for another garage sale or if your neighbors are tired of seeing your face at their doors selling cookies every week, then you need fresh money making schemes and we’ve got a few suggestions. They might not earn you money to burn, but a few extra bucks by the end of the week wouldn’t harm your social life. And more than the money, the training and exposure you get from these ides would be priceless.

Capitalize on Your Gray Matter
You’ve done the baby-sitting stint for as long as you can remember. But Meagan has finally gotten rid of all her baby teeth and is way past needing a baby sitter. It’s time for a new marketing strategy. Why not reinvent yourself as a tutor? A tutoring job is a serious responsibility. Most tutors need teaching degree but if you could convince your aunt or your mom’s best friend you could do the job just as well as at much more reasonable price, then everybody would be happy. It would be a big plus for your prospective employers because you could double as a tutor and a baby sitter. And if you have aspirations of becoming a preschool teacher or a university professor someday, this is the best way to start. Find out which subjects you’re good at. If you’ve been acing Match class, teaching basic multiplication would be a cinch. Stick to grade levels one to three. At these ages, kids are more manageable and easy to teach. Beyond that, the fractions and the science projects might be too much for you. Preschoolers require more patience and expertise.

Numbers in Letters
Get a pen, a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Yes, there is money in letters. Channel your teen angst onto the -paper and translate them into literature. You’ve been religiously updating your diary anyway; why not make money out of it? Teen magazines would pay good money for an interesting and refreshing article. If you think you’ve something noteworthy to say, an insight to share or a revolutionary idea, start typing away.
Pore over magazines and see where you could fit best. There is even a market for you at newspapers, which have their own teen or youth-oriented sections. Publications pay between P500 to P1500 for short 700-word articles. Plus, the grinning face of your parents upon seeing your byline will be more valuable than your first paycheck.
Don’t write just to earn money lest you get disappointed. We don’t men to burst your pretty pink balloon but there are lots of freelance writers out there dying to be published. If the editor doesn’t pick your piece and you don’t earn money for it, at least you could earn extra points with your grammar teacher for putting your adverbs and adjectives to good use.

Once you’ve picked out the magazine you wish to write for, note down the contact info found at the front part of publication. Email or snail mail your article with your contact data. Wait for a few weeks and if you don’t get a call, you can follow up with the editor or try another publication. Don’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring. (just don’t send the same article out to several publications at once-that would be unprofessional.)

Train on The Ground
For those who dream of becoming a flight attendants someday, this next job may be a good training ground while you earn a few bucks. Some companies like events management organizations or theaters hire student assistants as ushers for shows and major events. Ask your parents, aunts and uncles if their company will be having an event and if they need any help; or look through the want-ads in newspapers.
It’s a great way to expose your self to different environments and cultures. Events range from product launches to educational cultural shows and informative seminars. There is more to benefit from these gigs aside from cash. Aside from the free entrance to shows and seminars, a whole day of ushering and smiling to strangers could rack up between P250 to P350, plus meals and freebies if you’re lucky.


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