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In choosing between maths and arts, from teenagers point of view, they would say arts. Ask them why, they’ll say maths is boring whereas arts is wonderful. and why is this? Because unlike arts, maths is stressing.

If you’re one of these people and you would like to find out how to make yourself love maths, here are some tips which I figured might be helpful:

  1. Stop the Negative Attitude Towards Maths

    Ever heard of the quote “You are what you think”, this is the case for this matter. I say this because sometimes, even when you like something, but you keep on resisting it, your brain will immediately insist on not liking it. In other words, your thoughts and your mind are the things that determines your action.

  2. When Arts Meet Maths

    If you like to do arts that much, make a revision of maths using your artistic imagination. You could maybe draw some numbers on a piece of paper to say what the subject is all about, describe it with some colorful pictures or structures. You’re the artist, use your creativity.

  3. Write a Song

    Artist has a creative mind, and to make it work more than just for pictures, you can try writing a song about math, whether it’s about the units you find hard or the one you find interesting, or even better, all of the units, this is because, a good way of memorizing is singing, for example, have you ever notice, when you listen to a song, your brain will start remembering and memorizing the lyrics as you play the song repeatedly. This is what will happen when you write a song for yourself(you can even share it with the people you want), making you memorize the equations or formulate of the units your on off by heart, without putting even a slight stress on you.

  4. Give your Brain Some Break

    Some people study 24/7. This is probably because they study last minute or they’re just too hardworking. If you’re one of these people, note that, studying long hours won’t help. It’ll just make it worse and more stressing, until at last you’ll get a major headache and feel like your head is exploding. In studying, you need to give your brain some break, the least for about 20 minutes, this is to avoid any unwanted disturbance in your mind and make your brain more focused on the things you need to be.

Hope the tips I’ve given above is helpful,Have fun! =)


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