Gift Ideas for the Geek on Your List: Star Wars Kitchen Accessories

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With the holidays coming, everyone has shopping on their minds.  What do you buy for that geek who has everything?  Or how about that couple you might know — he loves to cook and she’s a Star Wars fanatic?  –I was trying to be fair.  Check out some of these kitchen accessories below for the  Star Wars geek in us all.


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OMG!  An R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle!  Go figure, you have to buy it from Japan.  They are geniuses sometimes.  This will run you approximately $18 USD.  You can purchase them here .


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That’s right R2D2 or R2Q5 (black version) pepper mill or sesame grinder.  Same site as above, same approximate price of $18 USD.  The “antenna” sticking out of the top of R2’s head is the grinder mechanism.  Ingenious and hysterical.  Click here for the link.  I have to admit, this one has been on my Christmas list for the last couple years.


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Not sure what to make with your pepper and soy sauce?  Why not check out these recipes from !  The two volume set is $14.99 USD and features such stunning recipes as: Greedo’s Burritos, Twin Sun Toast, Tusken Raider Taters and Qui-Gon Jinn-ger Snaps.  Wow.


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This cookie jar from is $45 USD and unfortunately, only available in the US.  I’m sure other versions of this cookie jar and others (such as Bobba Fett) are available in other places.  They’re hysterical and a sure hit with all Star Wars fans.


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This toaster, also from , is $50 USD and unfortunately, back ordered into the new year.  Of course they are!  Who wouldn’t want a toaster that burns Darth Vader’s face onto every slice?


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If you’re looking for something retro and cheap, Burger King put out these Star Wars glasses ages ago.  There’s tons of them around, if you look hard enough.  I found quite a few on ebay priced anywhere from $2 USD to $10 USD.  They are hysterical and so badly painted.


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This ceramic mug is definitely cooler than the glasses.  You can buy it for about $20 USD at .  The top flips up to hold your favorite beverage (beer, maybe?).


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There is also, of course, a ton of molded cake pans in every Star Wars shape imaginble.  Some of them, like the one pictured above, are original 1980 editions and may be a little harder to find.  There’s of course, lots of edible Star Wars cake overlays, cup cake decorations, kids cups, spoons, forks, plates, etc.

But I think some of the most revolutionary products are those that have been rejected by the Star Wars franchising division.  Check out some of these rejected designs I found.


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This design was rejected but I’m sure that it would have been revolutionary to back yard grillers everywhere.


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This Pepsi and Lucasifilm design was sadly, rejected.  I am begging them to reconsider.  This would be great in every family or game room.  What could be cooler?  Okay, that was rhetorical.  Please don’t answer.  I just think that some of these designs that were not accepted were really neat.  Maybe one day…*sigh*.


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