How to Take Advantage of Online Christmas Sales

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step 1 – There are many tools to use when online shopping such as froogle price comparison, as well as online coupon codes. An excellent site I use for my shopping and always keep open is I have also found that doing a simple google search for instance say you are shopping on for a computer – try a quick search like coupons and just last week when buying a new laptop I found a 15% off coupon I wouldn’t have known about and saved myself over $100 with a quick search.

Step 2 – It is said that many consumer value free shipping as the No. 1 enticement that most influences shoppers to choose one online retailer over another. Sometimes this comes with a minimum purchase price and sometimes it does not. I work for an online retailer that offers free shipping during the holidays called and this has driven sales due to the fact that free shipping is a great coupon discount code.
Step 3 – If a site ever lists a telephone # on it I highly recommend giving it a call to ask the simple question of do you have any holiday coupons that I may be unaware of. This is an opportunity to earn in some cases $100’s depending on how much you are spending/what you are purchasing. I have found time and time again that I contact customer service teams and they are usually more than obliged to earn your purchase by offering an “over the phone discount” for a million different reasons.
Step 4 – Another way to get great holiday deals is ironically wait until the day after Christmas to start your shopping. this is an interesting way of shopping due to many holiday returns. Like CSN stores we have a returns inventory we offer to customers at 50% off of wholesale prices when an item is returned. Also again a telephone call is the best way to do most of these transactions. Many web sites offer hassle free returns during the holidays allowing for “no charge” returns to their warehouses or suppliers warehouses, and that inventory is usually re-sold at steep/drastic discounts. If you have the option to wait until after the holidays to do your shopping this option comes highly recommended.


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