Expression of Depression: Healing Power of Literature

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Since time immemorial people have been writing and getting famous all over the world. Whether the subject is literary or scientific but the expression always holds an important place. The place of expression is more important in the graphics of literature compared to the world of science as the scientific era always deals with the objective part of the world.

Though the research work can increase the depth of the scientific materials but the personal opinions can’t ever be added to it. The addition of personal feelings can only distort the accuracy of the scientific findings. But if we enter into the world of literature, it’s the sole of expression which glows its complete body. And on the basis of this, science and literature are classified as subjective and objective subjects.

Very less people are still aware about the healing power of literature. Whenever a person feels low, he plans to watch a movie or talk to a friend or weep lonely to get rid of the depression. But, each and every person who writes in this world knows the perfect solution for it. And yes, the resolution lies in the lap of literature.

Try to hold a pen and write something when you are at the peak of those depressive feelings. And the words on the paper will express the most intensified emotions of your heart. Your eyes won’t be able to believe the reality and the heart will feel lighter than ever before. It doesn’t only help you to get rid of the depressive emotional state but also assists in the purgation of our emotions. And we find ourselves as much balanced personalities than ever before. Slowly and gradually, our heart develops an attachment in the works written by us as they represent to be most helpful and understanding in times of need.

If we adapt this and take this a little seriously, the day comes when we start loving it and start spending more and more time with pen and paper. This is the cheapest and the most friendly way to curb anger, restlessness, anxiety and feelings of depression.


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