How to Buy Juicy Couture for a Discounted Cheap Price

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     It took me months of searching before I found some solid leads on cheap Juicy Couture. Once I found my first contact, they all seemed to unfold in front of me. I began ordering and selling Juicy Couture Purses and track suits from my store and I made a lot of money from it. I ran into trouble with paypal so I closed my online store but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same trouble (but my grief with paypal could be a whole ‘nuther article…argh) and there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself to some super cute Juicy and for giving the gift of Juicy, your friends don’t need to know you saved a fortune and you’ll be the most popular kid on the block 🙂  

     All you have to do is use the websites I will show you below to search for the Juicy Purses, wallets, shoes, and clothes you want. The shipping is really high but it’s worth it because you’ll save hundreds of dollars. The average prices of the purses is around $25 – $45 each piece (and the price goes down with larger quantities) but you will end up paying around $35 or so for shipping bringing the total for a purse to around $50 or $60. That’s a steal considering you’d be paying upward of $200 at a Juicy boutique!  The websites vary a lot. You’ll have to search for what’s right for your needs.

     There are websites that only sell authentic Juicy and there are ones that only sell imitation Juicy. I have ordered from both while comparison shopping and have found no differences at all, they are all stellar quality. I have been complimented on both my imitation Juicy and my authentic Juicy at my local Juicy boutique, they don’t know the difference! They’re beautiful quality no matter where you get them. I have ordered from the places below several times each and have had great customer service from all of them!


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