A Little Silence Goes A Long Way

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Enjoy_...In this busy world we live in and trying to juggle the holiday craziness, I took some time out to stop playing the radio, turn off the TV, and see if I can just listen and hear silence. Why is this so important? Because silence is golden. What is silence? The definition varies but here is what it says in Wikipedia. Silence is a relative or total lack of audible sound. That silence in a social interaction is the absence of speech. You can make a gesture that is used to demand silence without raising one’s own voice. I know this one is used quite often.

I am a person that just loves to have this time in silence. And I treasure these times, moments when I can engage in some quiet time. This is when I can mediate and connect with my feelings, my Creator. And I know that you cannot get complete silence because there is some sound that will be there. The sound will be me breathing, my heart beating and this is also to remind me that I am a gift of life. And that I need to enjoy every moment of it.

In this world of traffic, buses, airplanes and other kind of noises we are faced with on a daily basis. It is good when we can take some time out and have silence. You can relax better when you are engaged in a place of rest, quietness. And all you can hear is water flowing over a stream, and hear the breeze rustling the leaves in a tree. And I believe that we can relate to these sounds it makes us in tune with nature and our universe. It also allows us to understand why it is so important to get away every now and then from the sounds, noise of the bustling human activity.

This is what I enjoy the most about a calm, relaxing sound is it lets me connect with my inner insides. My feelings and emotions that are so important. I know for me I am always asking my Creator to give me peace. And this is just that I need to rest because when it is silent, I can get my peace and rest. Lately I have been anxious, restless and not happy. This is what I need to do, stop, listen to the sounds around me. If they are not making me happy then I need to find the sounds that bring me peace and I can feel relaxed. I need to take a long walk in the park early in the am, dig in your own garden, sit on your porch and listen to the wind blowing, put in a cd with sounds of waves and just listen to the sounds of silence.

And my hope is for you to take some time out and enjoy some silence. It may help you to get through the festivities that are around the corner.

Happy Holidays!!!!!
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