Everyday Can be Christmas

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Sometimes the best gifts in the life are “free”. I know that term sounds incorrect somehow, but stay with me. This being our gift guide issue, I got thinking about the kind of everyday gifts that make the most impact. And usually, they turn out to be non-material things, like a txt from your love one (tee hee). Or a hug from your best friend. Or a kind word from a stranger.
Recently, while I was shopping at Salabianca, a sales lady told me that she liked “the way I put [my]outfit together”. (*Blush*)

Just when you think the world is getting to be such a cynical place, you get a delightful surprise-when people are sweet when they don’t have to be. And I realized, it takes very little to brighten up someone’s day. In fact, a compliment doesn’t cost a thing. Remember the saying that’s been drilled into us as children-“if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it’? The reverse is also true: if you have something nice to say, then say it! As long as it’s sincere, no matter how trivial, it will always be appreciated. Sometimes, it could be just what someone needs to hear. Wouldn’t you be like to brighten someone’s day if you had a chance? So the next time you feel like being generous with praise, just do it! And mean it (you can spot a plastic person a mile away). Give someone a reason to smile today!


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