From Your Kitten

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I wrote this poem for the man that I love. This started as a joke with him calling me kitten and me pet name for him is master. This is the way he makes me feel when he is near me. Happy, safe, secure and loved. I hope everyone gets a chance to have someone make them feel this way. Love is a wonderful thing and experiencing it is like someone took a majic wand and waved it over me.

I am sure we will last a lifetime, although he is from one side of the world and me from the other. The mulling of the cultures has been a wonderful adventure. As I sit in his lap and he stokes my hair, there is no better feeling in the world. Safety from anything or any body trying to harm me.

Kitten is happy with the love of her new master.
Pluck, pluck goes the fingers without disaster.
Falling asleep in his lap, contented, secure-
no its not a trap thats one thing for sure.
As he brushes her hair with his fingers,
All she can do is purr, because to her he is the cure.
Giggles and laughter are always in sink,
with the bumps and bruises after we think.
Meow goes the kitten as she crawls with such ease.
The master accepts her never doubting her needs.
This love it is special, never before felt, to the kitten and master life is now dealt.
Enjoy this new love, never letting it slide
And always and forever it will be on your side.
So until our next pat,
and until my next crawl
Meow goes the kitten to me you my master are it all.


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