How to download using Bit Torrent\Bittorrent

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You can download faster and instead of just getting song by song you can download entire albums and even entire discographies.

You have to find a bittorrent software and download it first. Bit Torrent, utorrent, bitcomet, bittornado are a few of the numerous clients you can choose from. My advise would be to use a more well known client for various reasons, privacy, viruses to name a few.

Get online and look for torrent web sites, pirate bay, torrent reactor, mininova are a few good ones. These sites are where you find the music, movies, applications, and games. Once you find what you are looking for you will hit the download link.

Get bittorrent software you downloaded will open automaticlly and you just hit ok. You can change the settings for where things will be downloaded and other settings in the bittorrent software. There is always a chance you can get viruses when downloading using peer to peer applications. So it is my suggestion that you read the comments that other users have left for the particular thing that you are trying to download. That way you will know whether it worked for other users and whether or not it contains viruses or other unwanted material.

The more stuff you download at one time the slower all the downloads will go, and also your computer will run slower. If needed you can exit out of the application you are using while you are surfing the web of doing other things on your computer and then restart it when you are finished. This will ensure you can still do all of the things you want to do on  your computer and it won’t be running slow.


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