Silly Willy’s Insurance Fraud Business Plan

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Here is Silly Willy again with really good professional advice if you are considering an Insurance Fraud Business.

First things first…

If you consider a fine insurance fraud, you have to possess something valuable. And then I don’t mean your wife… or your life (’cause you don’t wanna lose that, I guess). But hey guys and dolls, are not you lucky you’ve found Silly Willy, uh? I’m a pro, you know… So, fasten seatbelts and here we go!

It must have been Providence that got me stumblin’ upon some pretty valubale pieces of art, lately. You can buy the piece of your choice now in my store, for – let’s say – 50% of the auction price. I also can manage a real Silly Willy Art Certificate of Authenticity for you. No fee here, it’s free!

Okay… Listen now carefully, ’cause I’m gonna say it only once!… When you’re the owner of a truly invaluable piece of art, you can insure it at the highest possible financial level. Am I right or am I right?… And when you have this insurance, your piece of art can get stolen.

It’s as simple as that.

Now here are some facts and figures you should know about burglaries:

  1. Between 50 and 60 percent of all burglaries do not involve forced entry. Usually the homeowner has neglected to lock a door or window.
  2. There is a burglary committed every fifteen seconds. Property loss from burglaries is greater than from any other crime. (Believe me, the police or your insurance company won’t get suspicious!)
  3. Also good to know: less than 15 percent of all property lost from burglaries is ever located by the police and returned to the owner.
  4. Four out of five burglaries of private homes and apartments occur when nobody is home.

Okay, what can we learn out of these facts and figures? It can be easy and it can be fun to get your most valuable pieces of art stolen: you simply have to forget to lock a window when you go on vacation.

Want to hear more about my Plan? Then take a peek here !



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