We Are Not Robbing Our Way to the Bank Anymore!

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People call Willy Silly Willy, because of this famous quote: “Don’t Be Silly, Ask Willy!” – But don’t think this Willy is Silly, ’cause he ain’t.

Some time ago, he got a phone call from an old friend, Hard Boiled Harry, who had only one question for him:

“Will the Bailout Bill do enough to save our savings and investments, Willy? I’m no longer robbing my way to the banks anymore, for instance the Bank of America, the Commerce Bank, the Chase, the National City of U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, the Wachovia Bank or the Citizens Bank, not to forget the Sovereign Bank and Citibank. In fact, I started online writing to make some money, with rich content and high paying keywords in my articles, like Bailout Bill, Federal Deposit Insurance Coverage or FDIC, best mortgage loans, debt management, bad credits, financial crisis, low cost and that sort of things.”

Okay, Silly Willy did some thinking… And he did some writing too… And he would like to say now to you: “Don’t ask your financial counselor a business credit report. Don’t be Silly, ask a real pro debt buster like Willy! Together with my ex-partners in crime – or my associés, if you prefer it more business-like – I sure can Save Our Savings… and yours too!’

He got in touch with Big Dick, who always wants to introduce himself to the ladies and who has a famous quote too: “What you see is what you get!” And together with Hard Boiled Harry, they worked out a plan to secure your money, your cash, your deposits, your stocks, your bonds, your mutual funds and your money market funds.

Want to know how they will Save Our Savings? Then take a look here !



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