How to Recognize the Saint You Stumbled Upon?

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In an abandoned house, Silly Willy stumbled upon some statues that could be very valuable. To a great sinner like Silly Willy, they all looked like saints. Now, Silly Willy says “hello” to the Internet Community of Bukisa Experts… and he has some urgent questions for you all.

For instance:

  1. These saints… are they really what they look like? Who are they? And what are they worth?
  2. This guy who looks like a monk and is carrying a child… What’s his name? Who is the child? Is this guy a piece of art… or just a piece of shit? And can I make some money with this little statue?
  3. This fellow could be a bishop, maybe even a pope… But is he really? Imagine he is this fake pope! Some guy who is in fact a gall! That wouldn’t be a good investment, would it? And how do you recognize a fraud?
  4. And here is the lady of the house… You don’t ask a lady how old she is, so I’ll ask you! What’s the century she was made in? Could she be antique? A relique or something like that?
  5. This dude wasn’t made in China, I hope… Is he a Buddha or something? He’s in bronze, that’s sort of fool’s gold, I guess. And maybe he is cursed, like in an Indiana Jones movie. But I’m not sure… Can you tell fact from fiction?

Silly Willy asks you – yeah, U2! – to help him. Please give him the feedback he need so badly!


Comment this fine pieces of art like if you were an expert and don’t mind if you are not, ’cause with Web 02 everyone is an expert!


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