Cervical Cancer

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Cervical Cancer can be most apperent in women who are infected with HPV(human papilomavirus) and fo rthe women who do not have HPV will not get the cancer ,because cervical cancer mostly develops after abnormal cells have been present on the cervix for several years ,women over 30 are usually affected.

  • Although abnormal cells may go away there is still a possibility that later in life they will appear again or show up as cancer so it is very important that you get annual pap smears .
  • You should also ask your doctor about the new HPV vaccine that can protect you against some strains that cause cancer.
  • you should not smoke this will increase your chances of cervical cancer
  • Also practicing safe sex will help prevent you catching HPV

The signs of Cervical Cancer are bleeding after sex,discharge/spotting , or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Getting pap smears are the best way to find abnormal cells , you can also combine a pap smear with an HPV test getting them done at the same time this will show you if you have a high risk type of HPV if you do have it.In some women the test may show that they have a low risk and if so they will be advised to have a follow-up visit to get a colposcopy(this is when a magnifying instrument is used to view and biopsy abnormal cells .

  • For treatment precancerous cells can be removed with LEEP biopsy (loop electrosurgical excision procedures) with this an electrified loop is used to remove cancerous cells .
  • A Cone biopsy is similar , this is when a cone shaped wedge is removed from the cervix .
  • If you have full cervical cancer you may require a radical hysterectomy and radiation with or without chemotherapy.

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