How to Earn Residual Money From a Membership Site for Free

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There are many many legitimate ways to make money online but those methods are difficult to find due to the fact that some people are scammers and don’t care if you succeed or not! Lucky for you there are places like Bukisa that do care about thier customers, and actually want you to make real scam free money online!

Inspired by places like Bukisa I set out to create a free membership website for people to use to find legitimate sites like for making money online. I added an optional upgrade with a lot of free extra master resell rights marketing products to it as well to add a value. Then I created the opportunity for anyone out there… work at home moms, college students, retired folks, basically anyone from 18 to 100 to make some extra cash off the monthly fee of those who upgrade. So here is what you do to join me and help others find free ways to make money.

First you need to visit and sign up. There are probably other membership sites you could make online income with but I can not vouch for their integrity. Signing up at Journey for Self is completely free unless you want the upgraded information for yourself. Click on the top navigation bar and select Sign Up Free. Or you can also scroll down to the bottom of the information on the page to see what the upgrade includes as well as another free sign up button.

Second, once you have signed up you need to confirm your email to be added. So check for your confirmation letter and make sure you follow the link to confirm your membership to the site. You should get the email instantly but it could take a while depending on your mail provider and server load.

Third, once you log in you can edit your account details as you like and choose to join the affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer you will earn 40% on each upgraded member that you refer. Depending on how they decided to subscribe you will earn monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, yearly, or a one time payment if the choose to upgrade to a lifetime membership. Again remember this costs nothing for you unless you want to upgrade yourself.

Finally, on the navigation bar is an affiliates tab. There is lots of completely free promotional banners, emails, traffic tools, and so on listed there for you to use. Make sure that you use your custom affiliate link to promote the site. I also recommend cloaking the link with a url shortener. If you are serious I suggest buying a domain name that points to your affiliate link, this looks much more professional!


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