Surviving a break-up!

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Breaking up is one of the hardest emotional stress a person feels in his/her life. Oftentimes, you feel reduced to a rubble after a big, irrevocable fight and it lasts a whole while until you recover from it. Here are some steps to take to “lessen” the emotional impact of a breakup.

After a huge fight and the relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif seems beyond repair, it is always advisable to seek a close friend or a long time confidante to let out your hurt feelings. Talk to them and get it out of your system the need to “Explain”.

Feeling lethargic often follows a breakup, to feel re-invigorated go to a spa and submerse yourself! Enjoy and let all your frustrations out! Indulge in a sensual massage and sauna. The effects are really phenomenal!

The most important thing after a breakup is to talk it out with someone a friend, colleague or even parents. After you’ve done this, focus on your life, your work and your future!

Be realistic! If your relationship didn’t work now it probably would have never worked. Put a spin on this and turn this into a positive thought. What if you got married and this happened? What if you had a baby and this happened? What if you’ve dedicated your life to this person only to lose him/her later? Those are just the reasons early breakup works!

Be strong! There’s no substitute to being strong and with that I mean mentally. Don’t give in to anything specially the craving to see your ex. This makes it worse. That is if you truly feel the relationship can’t be saved.

Try to see what’s around you. Start thinking of all the positive things in your life and be thankful! Forget about the breakup, your ex and read on the misfortunes of people around the world struggling and it put things into perspective. Your not the only person with that problem and if they can make it then so can you!


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