Improving Your Skills With Bukisa – Starting Off

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Bukisa makes it really easy on the writer to create top quality articles and make a good amount of money doing it. When you first get to Bukisa you should visit the FAQ Section. This is a good idea because things that are discussed here are things that a lot of new people to the website have problems with so you’ll already be one step ahead of all the new people.



When you sign-up to Bukisa as soon as your account is activated go and setup your profile page. This is important because people will wonder what your interrested in and what you’ve done. With your profile page they’ll see what your good at and will look at future articles your going to write if they like what they see.



Take A Tour is also really useful because it shows and explains everything to you about Bukisa’a home page that you should know that you may not understand when you first start using this website.

1) On the very left you see the index. If you click on a certain link it will bring up a list of all articles that people have written on that subject. If you want to write about a certain subject but can’t find enough info visiting here can help. Get those neurons in your brain fired up so you can make an outstanding article that everyone will enjoy.

2) Popular Topics- This is something you should take into account. These are the topics being viewed the most. Writing good articles about these topics is key.

3) Bukisa Index- This is something new I’ve seen on these types of websites and I have to Hand it to Bukisa for it. They tell you how much you’ll make for every 1000 views this way you know that your not being ripped off and how much to expect to be making.



These three things take only five minutes a piece and give you a good sturdy starting spot for when you start writing your articles. It’s important to have that base, you don’t want to lose potential views because someone goes to your profile page and doesn’t like what they see.


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