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Nowadays many people prefer to work as a freelancer and working from the comforts of their very own home. It has proven to be an advantageous situation specially for parents to be able to stay at home and have time with their family! Good aspects of having this type of work includes the savings you will get from commute expenses, food and water consumption while working in an office and the wear and tear in your body.

In your web browser, put in the following sites. Also, remember to save your resume and cover letter in .doc format to make it easier to attach with your application. Having your latest photo ID would be beneficial as well as most employers do require applicants to submit this. — This site is totally free and job listings are updated daily so you could have the latest job updates! Noticeably the site implements an easy to navigate layout which allows even novice internet users access to all priviliges. — Better suited for professionals who seek opportunities online! Browser through their complete and updated listings daily. Have a wide variety of jobs available for any profession as long as you have the proper qualifications. — Totally free for job seekers and not that expensive for employers as well! So far, they have a good variety of jobs available to cater most profession! They’ve been operating for quite some time now and so far customer feedbacks have been really good. — This site caters well for web professionals! They have a variety of job listings for those in the technology industry! The down side is that they charge employers a big fee to list in their site! Thereby, limiting the number of listings compared to other sites listed in this article!


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