How To Increase Your Skills With Bukisa

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Increasing Your Revenue with an Online oriented website like Bukisa is easy but time consuming if you do it the right way. I’m here to explain to you how you can easily get everything done and make it the best it can be while making a good amount of pocket change whike doing it.


1) Starting Off

This is what you should do when you first find out about bukisa. This will go into deatils about what you should do first when you get to

2) Writing Lots Of Articles With Quality

Writing lots of good quality articles is better then writing a couple extremely well done ones’s. This also Goes into quality of the articles you should write.

3) Setting Up A Blogger Account

Setting up a blogger account will allow you to have a place to talk about your work where people who like what your doing can go and talk about what they tink and give you some positive feedback on how to make your work better.

4) Use Links To Increase Search Engine Efficiency (Coming Soon)

Links are important because it will raise your standing with google and other earch engines. I’ll go more into this later.

These are a couple of way’s that you can imporve the quality of your work and make more money without spend hours a day in front of the computer. If you try the things I’ve explained how to do in this I guarentee that you will see more views coming into articles that you did this to will have more views then ones that you didn’t. The more views the more money so you have nothing to lose.


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