Lose Weight With Cardio If You Are a Morning Person

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight right? Even the most in shape people are always working towards trimming an inch here, or bulking up there, or generally just want to lose weight or at least a little more of it.

I find myself to be more a morning person, although to workout in the evenings is not uncommon for me. Most of the time though, if I do any physical activity in the evening, it will be more of my weight routine. I won’t go into my weight routine in this article, but I did want to touch on doing cardio first thing in the morning.

I have read a number of studies that show positive results when performing cardiovascular activity first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (drink water not withstanding of course). Study findings showed that individuals who performed cardio in this manner generally lost more weight than those that did not.

In most cases the type of cardio was short yet vigorous exercise. Performing cardio for no more and no less than 20 minutes vigorously produced the best results when it came to losing weight.

Exercises recommended were biking, jogging, speed walking, using a row machine, stair machines, and elliptical machines. Make sure you take a stopwatch with you to time your exercise session to make sure you keep it at exactly 20 minutes. Also do not be afraid to mix it up a bit. Maybe start off walking for a minute then sprint for ten seconds. This will help put the vigor in vigorous exercise if you are not quite up to the level of exercising vigorously just yet.

Just remember as with all physical activity, you should see your health care professional prior to starting to make you aware of the physical condition that you are in, and their recommendation as to how much you can do when you start.

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