How to be happy in life

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Everyday people of the lands go to work everyday to fulfill their duties, but why should they even go everyday, why do they keep trying to keep themselves afloat. It’s because our instincts tell us to preserve ourselves in the most appropriate way possible. Anyone who is dissatisfied with their work even follow this because the thought of losing a job is just too strong to bear. Now some of us might not care about the welfare of others if our work benefits them, but others care and make a living from it. Now it might sound wrong at first but try the hardest you can next time you work. Whether or not a superior realizes this you will feel better about yourself. If you only care about yourself, maybe trying harder and harder will make you more sure of your abilities. Working harder will make you feel more alive than you’ve been before. At first you might be more tired than usual when coming home, but eventually you will get used to the pace you were working at. When your boss sees what you would then consider your normal pace, he/she might hold you in higher regard and give you a promotion. Others around you will think of you more highly and attract more attention to you. We tend to always know the elite of anyone who works with us. Just working harder can do all this in your life. Eventually when you’ve worked hard enough you can reward yourself by doing other things with your time, but the thing is, since you’ve only thought of improving your work for all that time, doing anything else will seem much more interesting now. When you get the break you deserve for once the hardest part will be laying back and letting yourself transition from work to relaxation. The quality of your life will be higher than it ever was and you’ll also have money to spare in the future, but most importantly, your family and friends will show you more respect because of your dedication to improving everything you do in life.


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