Oh, Politics! My foot!! Off My Boots!!!

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I am apolitical, are you?
When you are political, what do you mean? By casting votes for one scoundrel or another? Or, you root for what those scoundrels ejaculate all those bullshits off their butts? Or, toeing the line of tails of those bastards?
Yes, scoundrels they are, no ditherings about that. And they are born bastards, to be sure. I repeat when I say from the depth of my skin that they are bastards on the one hand and scoundrels on the other – the two sides of the same coin.
A bastard is he who is shamefully born on the horseback of the parents not married to each other – so, with the stigma of an illegitimate son whose means and beginning mark his vicious character traits. And that is why those bastards should be disowned as social outcasts.
And a scoundrel is he who is morally perverted not caring a whit for any moral principles and those who commit immorality and are wont to unprincipled acts and deeds are criminals of cognizable offence. We treat or rather we should treat offenders of cognizable offence with social stigma and we should disown them as social outcasts.
So, as I say with a much more conviction, all those politicians who you cast your vote for or who you root for rabble-rousing voice are every inch a bastard and and scoundrel down to to the bottom pit. Can anybody vouchsafe that they are not like that and that they are otherwise? They are saviour of the commonwealth? If you can save your grace, then I cannot but say that you are wearing a fool’s cap on you head and you are deceiving none but you.
So, is it that deceiving yourself, or for that matter, deceiving your own conscience is your politics? Yes, it is. As because when you are in league with or a party to a bunch of bastards and scoundrels, you are not doing precious anything or singing paeans to the moral rectitude of your innner voice. And you cannot deny that the Socretarian inner voice is the zing thing of human souls. Matter-of-factly speaking, that oracles of inner voice told Socrates to be ready to lay down his life for the cause of moral rectitude and he never felt humbled when he decided to give up on politics.
Actually, Aristotle made all the difference. He told prophetically that man is a political animal homo politicus. Yes, man is a political animal. No doubt about that. And that politics is man’s struggle for existence against all odds and with the association of others. This is associative or communal politics of commonwealth. This plurality of politics is what politics is per se. Commonwealth for common people is the summum bonum of Aristotlian politics. At least, this is what is implicitly meant by politics. But Aristiotle had never been a messiah of the people’s right to politics.
But your politics is never meant in that direction. Your politics is infra dig to human conscience and is far removed from moral rectitude as you are associated with the whore-mongering business of your politicians. By siding with them, you are colluding with them in their man-hunting skullduggery. Hypocrats as they always are, hypocricy is the main trick of their political legerdemain.
Hypocricy thy name is politics, man.
Hypocricy is the USP of universal politics. All politicians have this USP. They sell it as their merchandise to run this dynastic business and have been doing this from time immemorial. And this way they have set up a behemoth of dynasty.
And it has come to stay that politics remain a dynastic business of a handful of smaller creatures who have big hands to shake you and bear hugs to huddle you into a herd of cattle. Yes, in the field of politics, you are nothing but a herd of cattle as you are docile enough to be led by the nose as if by the hissing whistlings of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. At least that piedpiper could be relied upon his missionary zeal but your politicians never ever.
Without those politicians, what is your politics? Nothing, whatsoever. With them in tow, you follow their politics and taking you in tow, they become the self-professed commandeers of politics – so, it is mutually conclusive.
And you cannot live without politics.
You cannot be whistle-blowers. You cannot get out of the bounds of the politics of those so-called commandeers.
It is such a vicious circle! It entangles you in a serpentine coil. Even if it bites you, you are not shy.
So, you cannot keep shy of it.
You are political animals through your walks of life.
You cast your votes whenever and as many times you are called in at the festivity of hustings. You are gathered together whenever the whistle blows. The whisle blows time and again and the festivity cmes as ritually as ever. You never get wiser regarding what happens in the long run.
Actually, nothing worthwhile happens.
You know it and you know it not.
The show goes on and on. Only actors and detractors sometimes change their well-veiled masks. Under these masks, evil designs are written all over.
You know it and you know it not.
And Spitzers call the shots all the while.
You are political but its apoltical politics. You are apolitically political.
But I am politically apolitical.
There is difference between these two.
Know the difference and get more and more wiser and only then you could be true-blue political. Otherwise Spitzers will be ruling the roost as ever – once and for all and you will remain the herd of cattle in the sticky field of politics.


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