Why Happiness is Contagious

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Happiness is a feeling of great satisfaction and of overwhelming pleasure – a contagious but safe emotion which can be shared with the people around you or to anyone whom you have contact with in any manner or passion. It can be disseminated through various means: by phone, by e-mail, or through typical one-on-one or group conversation. Everybody can be happy because this character does not cling to any special individual or to a specific group of race: It is not bias nor prejudice against the color of your skin, the country of your origin, and the religion you practice and believe in. Its constant presence provides everyone around it something to smile about and a deeper appreciation for life.

God, the Creator of your body and spirit, wants you to be happy and contented in everything. He has given you all the faculties to enjoy the beauty of life and everything it offers. Once you determine the purpose of your existence and you attain the successes you desire, you become placid and filled with happiness. This special experience is not meant for you alone, but it is something that you must share with other people, especially to those who are dear and close to your heart. By telling your friends and loved-ones about your accomplishments and satisfactions in life, you extend to them the gift of pleasure and fulfillment; you make them smile and appreciate your blessings; and you encourage them to seek out their own happiness and glory that they can impart to others as well.

Whenever you laugh, or even just smile, you share your inner feelings with your peers, and also to strangers: without saying a single word. It makes you powerful, in a sense that you can mightily influence other people’s feelings. When you smile, they smile back at you; when you laugh cheerfully, they laugh louder than you; when you share your success stories, they listen with an open heart and mind – eager to learn more of your achievements and triumphs. Being positive attracts other people to be positive as well. When you enter a room filled with sad individuals, you can change their perception by bringing with you an optimistic mood. Your cheerful attitude will enhance the negative feelings of others and they too will be transformed into sanguine souls – free from all dull moments and unpleasant memories of the past.

Spread happiness and contaminate everyone around you with it: Make that your purpose in life and you will surely bring endless smiles on people’s faces, in season and out of season.


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