How make a Halloween Ghost inside window decoration

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The stores have the costumes, yard, and door decorations in the aisles.Halloween is almost here. Now is the time to make that special decoration that people can see from the street    ….an inside window decoration of a flying Halloween ghost. This article will show you what you need, discuss how to put it all together, give some tips and make it easy for you to impress your neighbors and the trick-or-treaters!   Get all your crafts and tools out… let’s have some fun!  October 31 will be here before you know it!  Get ready for the costumes at your door    ….with their trick-or-treat bags of course!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Pictures  of white sheet Ghosts flying or use Author’s Sketch
  • 30 x 40 inch foam core board, black
  • soft HB pencil for tracing Ghost picture
  • Sheet of paper for ghost image template
  • Recycled torn white bed sheet any size
  • Needle and white thread
  • old recycled ping pong paddle or scrap plywood cut in that shape
  • coping saw or jig saw
  • stapler and staplers
  • can of black color spray enamel
  • brushes and white paint, and spots of yellow for eyes!
  • Pencil and paper for sketching
  • T pins, White Duct Tape, and Sharpie Permanent Marker
  • Black string, nylon narrow diameter
  • Push pins, plastic or aluminum
  • Small battery operated fan
  • Old father’s tie, bright colors or stripes
  • Scrap bubble wrap or fabric head-stuffing material

Step 1   LOOK FOR THINGS YOU’LL NEED. Scrounge for leftover plywood for paddle cutout if you don’t have a ping pong paddle to recycle.  Any crafts store like Michael’s should have everything else you need if you don’t have anything remaining from an old project. Find magazine pictures of Halloween ghost heads.  Visit a Hobby or Home Store for the white paint or spray enamel, the yellow eye color, and others. T pins and push pins are there also as well as the black foam core board, the black nylon string and anything you don’t have on hand. The plywood can be obtained from Home Depot discard sales bin.

Step 2   TRANSFER OUTLINE OF THE GHOST LIKE THE ONE IN THE SKETCH. A soft, No. 2- HB pencil is best to use. Turn picture over, shade ghost head outline and features.  Turn picture back over, tape to ping pong paddle wood (you may want to remove rubber on face of paddle), use pencil or scribe to mark.  Avoid damaging ghost picture or sketch (you will need it as feature guide). Remove picture and save.

Step 3  LOOK FOR VARIETY OF GHOST FACE OR HEAD  PICTURES. You may want to cut out several ghost heads in different expressions. You can use the extra faces and heads to make other ghost window decorations.

Step 4  WRAP YOUR GHOST PADDLE HEAD WITH BUBBLE WRAP OR FABRIC SO IT RESEMBLES A HEAD. Use a Sharpie marker to locate eyes. Be creative. Tape white duct tape to bind bubble wrap or fabric to throat of paddle.  Use Sharpie permanent marker to draw eye locations but leave them blank so you can paint on sheet later and not have the black paint obscuring the yellow eyes.

Step 5  CUT AND SEW WHITE SHEET IN SHAPE OF FLYING GHOST TO FIT DIAGONALLY ON BLACK FOAM BOARD Lay foam board on floor to check how flying ghost will appear.  Draw a light pencil line if you need to from one top corner of board to opposite bottom corner and use that as your center line to affix the paddle ghost head and tie on the sheet and tie. See Author’s sketch and be creative.

Step 6  DRAPE WHITE SHEET OVER PADDLE HEAD AND PLACE WHITE SHEET WITH EYE SHAPES ON FOAM BOARD AND CUT HOLES IN NECK OF GHOST. You will next tie the man’s tie with a normal know but very tightly around foam board, paddle head throat and front of sheet.  Do not cut holes in white sheet, only the black foam board!  Get father or Granddad to help tie the tie if needed.  Don’t leave tie loose.

Step 7  FASTEN GHOST HEAD  COVERED BY WHITE SHEET TO BLACK FOAM BOARD . Again, use regular man’s tie knot and secure tightly.  Also use push T pins to secure white sheet and paddle bubble wrap or fabric head under ghost sheet.. Place them all around paddle so the head is secured.  Push them through the bubble wrap or fabric and through the sheet into the black foam board.  This should secure fasten the Ghost head but leave the remainder of the sheet free to “fly” or  “float” when the board moves.

Step 8  PAINT THE EYES ON THE SHEET YELLOW. Be creative and make your eyes have an expression. Remember:  The eyes are the window to the soul! You can do just about anything to help with the expression.  Refer to your ghost head pictures or just leave the eyes yellow like the Author’s sketch.

Step 9   USE REGULAR PUSH PINS OR SMALLNAILS TO STRING CONNECTING LINES TO BLACK FOAM BOARD INSIDE YOUR WINDOW WALL. Run a string from each corner of board diagonnaly up above or below window wall. Use T pins to attach the string to each corner of the black foam board.   The set  a small battery operated fan in a location that makes the foam board move ever so slightly and causes the white ghost to “fly” or “float” according to the motion of the air flow of the fan.  You may have to try a couple of fan locations or settings on the fan. When Mr or Ms Ghost is flying give a big smile. Think about using a small LED light hidden from view but shining on the white sheet. Experiment with the effects you can create  Good luck!.


  • Be creative …..find a unique ghost picture with a facial expression or modify the sketch!
  • Avoid copyright laws, make “your creation” different from any published picture used as a guide!


  • Be careful with all the pins… especially when the kids might help you!

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