When We Listen-(revised)

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Sometimes when I walk among the world of the two legged; I see and hear many things. Often I have noticed that people get so caught up with their life’s that they tend to miss out on the simple things that bring great joy, peace and a feeling of well being. The world and the events that take place around them cause them to become faint with worries and as they slowly lose themselves and become completely consumed by the things going on around them, they forget the simple things that bring inner peace and happiness.

A thing such as feeling the gentle breeze upon their exposed flesh and as it blows through their hair gently tossing it from side to side. They forget the sounds of the birds, as they welcome the rising sun and the fragrance of the flowers after a gentle rain. I look around me and I see things great and small. I realize that they’re a part of me and that I too, am apart of them. We exist together for we are a part of all that is and all that remains. I walk hand in hand with my life mate and we have come to learn that if we lose ourselves in the fears and worries of the events that are so readily pushed upon us, we also lose track of who we are and where we’re going.

Sometimes we must just stop and take time to smell the rose. We need to catch our breath and to just enjoy life and its simple pleasures. Today I walked into my back yard and though I could hear the siren of a police car and also that of an ambulance, I listened to the wind blowing through the palm trees and the birds as they sang. I watched the clouds as they drifted endlessly by on the bluest sky. Inside me I felt the flutter of my heart as it became as one with my surroundings. I felt the air rush into my and for just a brief moment I heard my heart sing.


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