The Scorpio Female Astrological Love Signs

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Scorpio is a  very feminine water sign. Consequently, those born under the sign of Scorpio are very emotional and sensitive. And Scorpio women are known for being very passoinate and affectionate. And once they fall in love it tends to be long lasting relationship.

Scorpio Woman and Romance

The Scorpio woman takes all her love relationships very seriously. She is filled with passion and emotions that dominate the relationship. Never hurt or injure a Scorpion woman in love. Or make her jealous or mistrustful. Her bite, like the Scorpion’s, can be very deadly. And Scorpio women tend to cling to those hurts for a very long time.

The Scorpio woman is usually very close to her family and they are very sympathetic and kind lovers. Often, the sexy Scorpio woman is a very jealous mate but she is one that prefers a one on one relationship rather than living free and single.

Scorpio Negative  Aspects

Scorpio woman’s fiery passionate nature requires a lover who inspires her and stimulates her desires or the Scorpio woman quickly changes her interest. A Scorpio womans natural jealous nature often gets the upper hand in most love relationships which causes many disappointments in her love affairs.

Scorpio Compatible Signs

Compatible Signs include:


Scorpio Incompatible Signs

Incompatible signs are:


Famous Scorpio Females

Here is a list of famous women born under the sign of Scorpio.

Julia Roberts
Gabrielle Union    
Winona Ryder        
Jane Pauley    
Jenny McCarthy    
Tatum O’Neal    
Joni Mitchell    
Brittany Murphy    
Calista Flockhart

Men born under the incompatibleo signs are probably very attracted to the very charming Scorpio woman’s sizzling hot personality. Beware! Her fiery and aggressive nature burns out most relationships unless the man learns to submit to her dominating tendencies.


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