Crossing the line

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From the time, we are a child we began to develop. If the people who we interact with do not how to be a productive human being, our lives will be filled with pain. Every negative situation we go through as a child will cause great harm down the road. If your parents continually call you stupid eventually, you are going to believe it.

I fully believe that the people we hangout with will develop many of the characteristics of the other person. Of course, everyone does have a free will. Yet some people are just bad and they have a common purpose in life and that is to hurt other people. When I was young, my parents never taught me the importance of saving money. It has been very hard for me to stop spending money. I feel that I have no control over my compulsive spending habit so I leave my bankcard at home to some people that would be avoiding the problem but I have decided that it needs to stop now. When you having problems paying your bills and you cannot figure out where the money is going there is a problem. I now have gone two weeks without spending money eating out I feel that I am making progress but I do not trust myself. The most difficult thing is admitting I have a problem. Problems are good because help you to grown and become a more productive human being. Without problems, you would not know what pure joy is.


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